Trove Brands Primes for Leadership Transition

Lehi, Utah (September 7, 2023) – Trove Brands, LLC, today announced a transition of leadership as co-founders Kim and Steve Sorensen plan to shift from daily operations into board leadership roles effective January 1, 2024. The company’s current VP of Marketing, Michael Sorensen, will move into the role of CEO.

Kim and Steve Sorensen, who co-founded their flagship brand, BlenderBottle®, in their Orem, Utah den in 2000, have worked tirelessly at the helm of the company for 23 years. In a joint statement, the couple said, “We’re not retiring. We can’t imagine ever actually retiring. But the single most important thing we’ve learned as lifelong entrepreneurs and businesspeople is that a team will always drive greater success than what any individual can achieve. Our proudest accomplishment has been developing a world-class team at Trove. We have every confidence in them and in Michael moving into this key leadership role, poised to drive our company to even greater heights.”

Steve and Kim—who have worked in tandem since day one, growing the company from a home-based start up to a global market leader—will step out of day-to-day operations to co-chair the Trove Brands board of directors. They will continue to serve in top-level strategic and advisory roles across all of Trove’s brands and interests.

The rapid and consistent growth of Trove Brands over the last 23 years has been a testament to the couple’s entrepreneurial passion and vision throughout their joint tenure as CEO (Steve) and COO (Kim). The company’s portfolio currently includes the fitness and lifestyle brands BlenderBottle®, Owala®, Whiskware®, and EcoBrite™, with several more slated for launch in 2024.

BlenderBottle revolutionized the portable mixer industry with Steve Sorensen’s invention of the iconic BlenderBall® wire whisk and has long been the number one shaker bottle brand in the world. The Owala brand, launched in March 2020, has been the fastest growing water bottle brand in the United States for three years running—standing apart due to another Steve Sorensen invention, the patented FreeSip® spout. Altogether, the company’s products are now sold in over 100,000 retail locations across 100+ countries. With a team of 240 employees, Trove has certainly come a long way from the early days in that Orem den.

“We can’t stress enough the creativity, talent, passion for innovation, and intense drive that every member of our team possesses—and the importance of their collaborative approach in our company’s exponential growth and success,” said the Sorensens. Using one of their favorite sports analogies, the couple likened their team’s achievements to that of a relay team versus an individual miler. “The current world record in the mile [~1,600 meters] stands at 3:43.13. The 1600-meter relay team world record stands at 2:54.29. You do the math.”

Over the next several months, Kim and Steve Sorensen will prepare to pass the proverbial baton to Michael Sorensen, whose impressive record at the company dates back over 14 years.

In addition to building the company’s now-robust marketing team from the ground up—which includes all brand, digital, visual, and content marketing, licensing, brand partnerships, and public relations—Michael has played a pivotal role in numerous company-wide initiatives. In recent years, he oversaw the 2021 name change and rebranding to Trove Brands, developed numerous high-value licensing partnerships, and helped lead the charge into the mainstream hydration market. He continues to spearhead new business development and explorations that foretell even greater advancements in the years to come.

“We are at an inflection point,” said Michael Sorensen, “not only because of this transition, but because of the immense opportunity ahead of us. We have unique strategic advantages most companies only dream of—and we’re gearing up to leverage those in bold and disruptive ways. I have enormous confidence in our team—the talent and motivation at Trove are unmatched. We have the right people. We have the right products. And we have the vision to shift gears and further accelerate our already remarkable growth.”

About Trove Brands

Trove Brands is a privately-held house of brands including BlenderBottle®, Owala®, Whiskware®, and EcoBrite™. The company’s patented and best-selling products are designed to simplify and improve everyday life with unexpected innovation, incomparable quality, and aspirational style. Trove’s brands are sold in over 100,000 retail locations across 100+ countries, including and online at, and The Trove Brands global headquarters is located in Lehi, Utah. For additional information, visit


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